The first contributions will be collected by Display Future Ltd until the first non-profit organisations have been established, which will deal with donations country by country.

Display Future Ltd is a British company that has been supporting Anandayana Project since 2007. Without the financial aid of Display Future Ltd, no field research would have been possible and the knowledge provided by the manual would never emerge.

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

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How much shall I donate?

Did you find the Anandayana manual interesting? Did you like it?
How much money do you think it would have cost you to undertake scientific, psychological, and anthropological studies to learn a part of the knowledge learned on this book?
Is your life benefiting from your Anandayana practice? How much money would you have spent on psychologists or coaching to get just a part of these benefits?
How much money do you spend on an evening at the cinema, at the restaurant, in a disco, or out with friends?

Online Donation

If you want to use a payment card, you can donate through PayPal, keeping in mind that high fee charges will be taken from your donation: 3.4% + € 0.35 + currency conversion fee (if you donate € 1.50, PayPal takes at least € 0.40, if you donate € 4, PayPal takes at least € 0.49).

Donazione Offline

If you want to go for Offline Donation, please find the following bank accounts details, you may pick the most suitable for you:

Payment in GBP Sterling Pounds currency (no maximum limits)
Payee: Display Future Ltd
Bank: Metro Bank
IBAN: GB23 MYMB 2305 8024 2321 58
(British account No: 24232158, British Sort code: 23-05-80)

Payment in USD Dollars currency (no maximum limits)
Payee: Display Future Ltd
Bank: Metro Bank
IBAN: GB98 MYMB 2305 8024 2322 63

Payment in any currency (maximum 10,000 euros equivalent)
Payee: Andrea Pibiri
Bank: Revolut
IBAN: GB92 REVO 0099 7059 8541 13