Anandayana Project

The utopian Anandayana Project is an intent to increase the awareness of human beings and make serenity accessible to all.

The manuscript helps to shed light on important dark points of a spiritual path and suggests the prerequisites to allow anyone to build their own Path of Serenity through an increase of Individual Consciousness.
The projects are designed to create both an international community of people with a high consciousness and Sanctuaries, where it will be possible to try, promote, practice, and share spiritual experiences.


Gnoseology of Serenity

Anandayana, the manual

Find out and learn how the universe, the human being, and his environment are made of.
Understand how the spiritual world is organized and how it interacts with the physical world.
You will change your way of seeing anything; your consciousness will grow and you will be able to build your Path of Serenity.

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Did you find the manual interesting? Did you like it? How much do you think it would have cost you to undertake scientific, psychological, and anthropological studies to get to know a part of the knowledge learned with this book?
How much do you spend on an evening at the cinema, restaurant, disco, or out with friends?
Is your life benefiting from your Anandayana? How much would you have spent on psychologists or coaching to get a minimal part of these benefits?
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Manual in various formats

Translated from Italian by: PERMONDO (Translators: Ruth Collins, Cáit Fahy, Katie Graves) - Revised by: A.P.

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Learn, Grow, Enjoy, Live


All projects are based on volunteering.
To foster the growth and development of the Anandayana Community, a dedicated and sincere commitment from honest professionals is essential.

As the Anandayana Community grows, more volunteering activities will be required in the most varied locations worldwide.

At the moment the next activities are the following:

- Volunteering positions for Trustees, artists, and social media managers.
- Scientific researches.
- Establishment of the first Sanctuary in London, for free meditation activities.

For those who want to participate as a volunteer in the growth of Anandayana Project, please write a short curriculum at

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contribute to a better world


Things are not created by themselves, especially good ones.
The Anandayana Project aims to create a new international community, for a better world.
Most of projects will be based on volunteering work, but unfortunately there is and there will always be need for important financial help.

If either you want to make a donation as a sign of gratitude for all notions learned on the manual or you want to financially collaborate to the Anandayana Community, click on Donate Now


a community of serene people


Anandayana is a personal path that leads the person who goes through it to increase own Individual Consciousness while he is learning about own serenity.
Serenity is not the goal nor the arrival of one's Anandayana, rather it's the path itself.

Among all future projects of the Anandayana Project, there is the construction of Sanctuaries where Anandayana practitioners will be able to meet, to share spiritual experiences, to practice meditation, yoga, and other related activities, and eventually to participate in entheogenic ceremonies.
In order for this to happen, it is necessary to form a community and to ensure that this community becomes internationally recognized.

Unlike other activities, participation in entheogenic rituals is limited to those who decide to be part of the Anandayana community. Anyone who has read the Anandayana Project manual, shares its ideas and is in the process of building his own Anandayana path, can join the Anandayana Community (it is completely free) by answering correctly all the questions of the following questionnaire.


a community in continuous progress